Destination Lugana – 2023 edition

Destination Lugana, the event promoted by the Consorzio Tutela Lugana DOC in collaboration with Area 39, took an audience of trade professionals and lovers of the Lugana appellation on an exciting trip to New York

woman reading the Destination Lugana brochure

During two weeks in June 2023, several activities focused on the Lugana appellation were organized, involving a wide range of participants, including journalists, specialized operators, end consumers and restaurateurs.

These activities included an official launch presentation of the event, guided dinners and master classes at 6 restaurants e 4 private clubs in the Manhattan area, and a final rooftop event.

people enjoying Destination Lugana event
The Empire State Building

The events, involving individual producers, focused on the promotion of Lugana as an immersive travel experienceio for the US market operators, from meeting producers in NYC to visiting production sites around Garda Lake.

19 members companies of the Consortium joined the program, offering to the US guests different angles of their appellation. Altogether with promoting the concepts of freshness, conviviality and sense of travel associated with Lugana, with the goal of strengthening its presence and appreciation in the U.S. market.