Destination Lugana – 2024 Edition

the cities involved in the promotional events

The 3rd edition of Destination Lugana has just concluded, marking the third year of a project initiated by the Consorzio Lugana DOC, in collaboration with Area 39, in 2022 and 2023.

In 2024, the focus of the project was once again to reinforce the knowledge of the Lugana DOC in the US market through targeted activities, involving Trade & Media professionals.

The primary goal of the initiative was to consolidate the presence of Lugana in the key market of New York, strengthening the brand awareness established in the previous two years. Additionally, the project aimed to expand promotional activities to two other emerging markets, Florida and Texas.

The Destination Lugana bottles
Destination Lugana 2024, shopper

The project began in New York City with a launch event, followed by masterclasses and tasting events in the cities of Dallas, Houston, and Miami, with 27 member wineries, all from the Lake Garda region, joining the activities.